Adults’ Karate Courses

Beginners Courses At SHOTO

The Beginners course runs for 12 lessons, with a grading to Red Belt / 10th Kyu at the end of the course. Red Belts may then join the main class.

  • Lessons contain kicks, punches, strikes, blocks, and self-defense techniques.
  • Traditional non-contact Shotokan Karate for men and women of all ages, and children.
  • Taught by experienced Black Belts, every single one of which has had extensive training under Hanshi Mick Randall MBE 10th Dan, and registered with the EKF.
  • Adult students on the beginners course may attend one weekly kata lesson for free.
  • No special clothing necessary.
  • Certificate awarded at end of course after grading to Red Belt / 10th Kyu.

What You Learn

Karate teaches you to protect yourself and your friends, and is an excellent way of keeping fit, strong, and healthy. You will also be able to develop your self-confidence within a safe environment. However, Karate is a martial art and so self-discipline is also very important. Students learn basic techniques (Kihon), controlled non-contact sparring (Kumite) and formal exercises (Kata). These all become progressively more complex the higher the grade that the student attains. During gradings, students will have to demonstrate that they have achieved a level of ability and spirit to justify the next higher grade. To achieve these higher standards, an adult must be training twice a week beyond 9th Kyu (Orange Belt) – once in Kata and once in Kihon / Kumite. Children must be training once a week.

Your Instructors

Your instructors are all very experienced Black Belts, each of which have been personally taught by Hanshi Mick Randall MBE 10th Dan. Each instructor is fully qualified, and registered with the EKF (English Karate Federation).