Children’s Karate Classes

Kids / Children's Lessons At SHOTO

SHOTO run regular lessons for kids / children of all ages at a number of different locations in London. These are run separately from adult classes, and are tailored to the specific requirements of younger people.

Who Are The Teachers?

Karate classes for kids are taught by experienced Black Belts and their teams with extensive Karate and teaching experience. All instructors are fully insured and are endorsed by the EKF.
Please note that this is in contrast with many associations where kids karate lessons are run by brown belts or other juniors.

What Kids Will Learn From Taking Karate Classes

Kids of all ages benefit significantly from Karate training, and in particular will benefit in the following ways:

  • Develop their self-confidence.
  • Learn to defend themselves.
  • Enjoy regular exercise in a friendly, encouraging environment.
  • Develop their self-discipline.
  • Improve their suppleness, strength, and co-ordination.


Kids karate lessons are run at the following locations in London:

You may request more information at the Contact page.

Health And Safety

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children are safely dropped off and picked up on time. Children should not train if:

  • They have a cold, cough, flu, or a fever.
  • They have vomited within the past 48 hours.
  • They have an infectious disease (e.g. chicken pox).
  • They are weak from an illness.