Robin Welch Rokudan

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Robin Welch has been awarded his Rokudan (6th Dan) by John Blain Sensei for services to SHOTO. On a personal note, I am absolutely delighted that Sawbridgeworth has such a supportive senior grade who trains regularly and contributes to the development of others. Oss and kind regards,Paul

Shodan Grading

Ian Davey and Marie Fortune both passed their Shodan grading on 24th September 2022. We congratulate them on their excellent preparation, hard work and fighting spirit.

Regular Publications

SHOTO now publish regular updates on various fascinating aspects of Karate, covering topics such as Karate History And Genealogy, Karate Champions, and Dojo Kun. You can find these under the dropdown Information menu above. We will be making fortnightly updates, encompassing a wealth of knowledge, so check back frequently for latest information.

COVID-19 Tier 4

The SouthEast of UK, including London, has now gone into tier 4. Please view our HSE & COVID page for the latest information.