28th October 2023 – Laurence Wilson promoted to 3rd Dan

Congratulations to Laurence Wilson from Sawbridgeworth dojo on successfully passing his 3rd Dan grading on 28th October 2023! 

Laurence had obviously done a huge amount of preparation in advance of his 5 hour grading and SHOTO are delighted to award him with his grade.  The grading panel consisted of: Sensei Tony Kilcullen (8th Dan), Sensei Steve Johnson (6th Dan), Sensei Gareth Waldram (6th Dan), Sensei Robin Welch (6th Dan) and Sensei Nick Nichols (4th Dan).  Also, thanks to Sam Kouzarides (3rd Dan) for his support with freestyle and as demo partner for Laurence and Ian Davey (1st Dan) for his freestyle support.

Well done Laurence!