Karate Lessons London – Winchmore Hill Karate Club, Shotokan

Are you looking for Karate Lessons in London? SHOTO's Winchmore Hill Karate Club offers both Children / Kids Karate Lessons, as well as Adult Karate Lessons, for karate beginners and experts alike. Taught by some of the most experienced Traditional Shotokan Karate instructors in the world, true to Hanshi Hirokazu Kanazawa and Hanshi Mick Randall MBE.

The Winchmore Hill Karate Club is SHOTO's Hombu Dojo (headquarters), and is where Hanshi Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan frequently visited from Japan to teach karate. Hanshi Mick Randall MBE 10th Dan had run the SHOTO association from Winchmore Hill Karate Club for over 50 years, imparting his invaluable knowledge to all the SHOTO black belts over the last five decades, making it the world class karate association it is today.

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Karate Lesson Times

Adults - Kihon and Kumite karate lesson

  • Tuesday 20:00-21:30hrs.
  • Kihon means Basics; Kumite means controlled Sparring. Note that Traditional Shotokan Karate lessons only involves non-contact, safe, Sparring, so you are in a controlled environment, under the close supervision of senior black belts.
  • You can read more about beginners karate courses, and of course contact us if you have any questions.
  • You can also read more about the Kihon syllabus for Kyu Grades to understand the road to Black Belt.

Adults - Kata karate lesson

  • Wednesday 20:00-21:30hrs.
  • Kata means Sequences. Katas are formal sequences of moves, so they depict the application of what you learn in the Kihon and Kumite lessons.

Children / Kids karate lesson

  • Tuesday 19:00-20:00hrs.
  • Lessons cover both Kihon and Kata as supervised by experienced black belts.
  • All kids karate lessons at SHOTO are taught by experienced black belts of 2nd Dan or above, which means a minimum of 7 years training, so your kids are in excellent hands. This is in contrast to many associations that have brown belts or more junior instructors lead the kids karate lessons.

Location & Map


The Gymnasium
Winchmore School
Highfield Road Entrance
Winchmore Hill
N21 3HS


Karate Lesson photos at Winchmore Hill Karate Club

SHOTO Winchmore Hill Karate Classes Kumite Kyu Grades
Winchmore Hill Karate Club Kyu Grades (colored belts) practicing Kumite
SHOTO Winchmore Hill Karate Classes Kumite Black Belts
Black Belts practicing Kumite at Winchmore Hill Karate Club