16th September 2023 – Shoto Annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner

On 16th September Shoto held its annual awards ceremony and dinner.  It was a fabulous night shared between not only those who train in karate but also friends and family.  It was great to see each other for a social event, as well as to award an impressive 13 dan grade certificates, including:

Marie Fortune 1st Dan, Ian Davey 1st Dan, Liz Tripp 2nd Dan, Sam Kouzarides 3rd Dan, Dermot Lynch 3rd Dan, Nick Nicholls 4th Dan, Konomi Yajima 4th Dan, Eche Ginikanwa 4th Dan, Mike Trogal 5th Dan, Paul Wilson 6th Dan, Robin Welch 6th Dan, Jil Rickards 7th Dan, Chris Martin 7th Dan

The evening also included the inaugural presentation of the Sensei Randall Award to Sensei Konomi Yajima 4th Dan, which was much deserved for her exceptional dedication and ongoing contribution to the organisation, in particular the running and teaching of the children’s clubs.

Our chosen charity for the evening was CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education), which works in partnership with communities, government schools, and education authorities in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to radically improve girls’ prospects of becoming independent, influential women.  The members and guest raised £342 for this worthy cause.

Many thanks the Sensei Gareth Waldram (6th Dan) for the huge amount of work and effort it takes or organise such and event and ensure it goes smoothly.